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Suzanne C - Buyer - Walnut Creek

We had the great pleasure of working with Gabriele Orbell for our East Bay home search. Gabriele knows the East Bay housing market very very well. From Oakland to Lafayette to Walnut Creek to Pleasant Hill to Martinez (and, everyplace in between), she knows what is a fair price and, accordingly, how best to structure an offer and close a deal.

We are from Los Angeles and being so new to the East Bay, we really didn't know a lot about the different cities and neighborhoods. She spent so much time with us - showing us around just so we'd get a good "feel" for the East Bay and all it offered. We never felt any pressure with Gabriele. She happily and graciously zoomed us around answering all of our questions and showing us so many amazing homes. She also makes herself available via text message, email and telephone. She's like that - she knows that the home buying process is stressful and that things come up at the last minute -- so, she's available to you, always.

We noticed too that Gabriele has wonderful relationships with other agents. When we'd approach another agent, he/she would immediately give Gabrielle a warm welcome (often with a quick embrace and always a smile). We were excited about this, knowing that in working with Gabriele, we were working with a highly regarded, established and well liked local real estate agent.

I cannot emphasize enough that Gabriele is a great listener and communicator. She really understood our home purchasing needs and desires: from our "real" budget to the architectural style and amenities of the home we desired, to the neighborhood in which we wanted to live.

Gabriele was always so friendly, helpful and accommodating in our home hunt. From the first day we worked with her to the last, she made us feel at ease and very confident with the home buying process. When it came time to make offers, she walked us through the process. She was very patient, explaining everything she would be doing on our behalf -- all with the ultimate goal of making sure we got the home we had fallen in love with and wanted so very much. Gabriele came through for us on every level!

I suppose the highest compliment I can give is this -- when it is time to sell my home, I will ONLY call Gabriele to handle the deal. There's no one else I trust as much as I do Gabriele. And, guess what? I'd ask Gabriele to find us yet another home to purchase. We think of Gabriele as our "realtor for life". But, really, she's much more than a realtor to us. We've come to think of her as a cherished and very dear friend. Really though, she is now part of our family. How lucky are we to have a wonderful and expert realtor in the family? We are very lucky indeed.

Content by Gabriele Orbell Walnut Creek Realtor

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