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S Hornbec - Seller - Vallejo

Gabriele Orbell is by far the best Realtor serving Solano and Contra Costa counties! This is the second time this year our family has worked with her, this time it was to sell our family home that we have owned since the late 1940s! The home + lot was located in an undesired area, had been vacant for several years and had to be sold as a major fixer upper home + lot posing a steep challenge. Was our family emotionally attached to the home? Absolutely! This posed an even greater challenge for Gabriele!
Upon agreement to sale the home + lot, Gabriele immediately assessed the property, made recommendations on how to prep the home to sale, provided referrals for services that were needed, was extremely patient and thoroughly explained the sale process to my grandmother, she presented comp information that was clear, concise and lead us to make an informed decision when deciding on the sale price, marketed the properties to get interested parties over for a viewing, she arrived to each meeting well prepared, was attentive to detail, and SHE PICKED UP HER PHONE WHEN WE CALLED WITH QUESTIONS!
Within FIVE days of the home + lot being on the market, Gabriele presented TWENTY-ONE viable offers and we closed within SEVEN days! In fact, her negotiations specifically resulted in a sale price higher than the listing price. We did not categorize this success as coincidence or being in the right place at the right time since requests to view our home were abundant even after a contract was signed with the buyer.
We recommend Gabriele with high regards and we always welcome the opportunity to tell others to use her services. Thank you again Gabriele for doing a remarkable job!

Content by Gabriele Orbell Walnut Creek Realtor

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