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Peggy M - Seller - Pleasant Hill

I like Gabriele's integrity and work ethic. She did everything possible to enhance my home and to explain things to me. Within two hours of the first open house, there were two offers, both over asking price. I accepted one of them.

We signed off, everything was going well, and then, two days before closing, there was a huge plumbing incident in my now empty home. Gabriele was right there handling things. I was scheduled to be gone for 10 days, and with my daughter, Gabriele handled everything: she was the person at the scene.

Gabriele also kept in close contact with the buyer and her realtor, and the sale did go ahead, 5 weeks behind schedule. I appreciated that she consulted with the legal team at her office to make sure we were doing everything correctly. I can never thank her enough for this, she saved the sale.

Content by Gabriele Orbell Walnut Creek Realtor

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