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Anonymous - Buyer - Hercules

As we started to look for our first home in Contra Costa County, we serendipitously got to meet Gabriele. We had a VA loan which is pretty the worst type of loan we could have had as a buyer in this highly competitive environment. Gabriele was extremely professional, knowledgable, and very helpful. She guided us through many hoops and hurdles. After 4 weeks of exhaustive searching and 3 failed offer later, we finally found a place. For the next 30 days of hellish escrow, the seller's real estate agent was sort of a nightmare who tried in so many way to sabotage the deal. But Gabriele kept her cool, went beyond her call of duty and helped us close on the last day of escrow! We could have not be any happier that it was her that we got to work with and not other agents in town!

Content by Gabriele Orbell Walnut Creek Realtor

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